Programming with Yii - Learn Yii framework

Create your own Yii 2 powered blog Image

In this tutorial series we will create full featured Yii 2 powered blog focused on SEO and future expandability. We will create also the administration area (backend) to manage our blog as comfortable as possible. My goal is to teach you all of the main Yii 2 principles. After graduating this course you will be able to fully understand how your blog works and you will have all of the knowledge how to extend and maintain your blog to perfectly fit your needs.

Yii2 advanced tutorials Image

Yii 2 series for advanced users.
Describes advanced Yii usage on the examples.

Yii2 essential tutorials Image

This series will take a closer look to Yii2 installation, structure, concepts and basic principles.
It is ideal for beginners with at least basic knowledge of PHP and HTML.
Also, you will create your first Yii2 application!

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