yiisoft/yii2-debug yii2 debug

Yii 2 Debug Extension.

meysampg/yii2-intldatebehavior yii2 active record date

Automatic Change Date System of an ActiveRecord.

pgaultier/yii2-oauth2 yii2 wrapper OAuth2

OAuth2 wrapper for Yii2 applications.

Sammaye/yii2-abtest yii2 testing

A simple extension for writing A/B Tests in Yii2.

marekpetras/yii2-merge-table yii2 MyISAM MySQL merge

This trait allows you to split up a large dataset into multiple, more manageable smaller datasets (MyISAM) using MySQL and the MERGE engine.

marekpetras/yii2-ajax-box-widget yii2 AdminLTE AJAX

Ajax Box for YII2, load or display any content with this AdminLTE inspired Box.

rokorolov/parus yii2 cms

Parus is a Content Management System application powered by Yii 2.

Inpassor/yii2-daemon yii2 deamon

The simple daemon extension for the Yii 2 framework.

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